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ST.Antony's Art Studio.

St. Antony's Art Studio manufactures impeccable statues of Xtian gods and breathes life in those figures through excellent craftsmanship. Based in Kerala, the studio prides itself in being the largest of such endeavours in South India. This distinction has been earned in a span of mere two decades since our inception in 1992. Our creative artists are divinely ordained, which is apparent from the spiritual nimbus one experiences the moment he/ she catches sight of the god statue. Perfection sets us apart from others. Each statue is meticulously planned and done. The statues are as flawless as the unblemished characters of our venerated Xtian gods. We take orders and deliver luminous statues of Mother Mary, Jesus, and other hallowed saints. The spectrum of materials used for construction of revered figures consists of plaster of paris, fibre glass and cement. We have delivered thousands of statues for our clients and have earned their unalloyed accolade owing to the highest degree of perfectionism exhibited in our works. Each of our artists are extensively trained and self-motivated. Our artists assiduously chisel and mould the raw materials to engender divine statues that become the source of spiritual inspiration for people seeking celestial guidance.

Our Values

We hold in high esteem the faith of people who seek the tutelage of Christian Gods. With this in perspective, our artists create vivid statues of Gods to serve as inspiration for millions of votaries. We don’t create lifeless statues but build figures that are effulgent with the divine glow.

Our Vision & Mission

We are guided by the divine vision of bringing godliness within the reach of humans who have unshakeable faith in Gods. With this in view, we craft high precision statues of Christian Gods and make them venerable for all with exquisite artistic touches. We attend to each detail with unmatched precision for seamless appearance.

To create and deliver subtly crafted, high precision statues of Christian Gods at cost competitive prices to votaries who seek the divine tutelage of gods and angels in their journey on this mundane plane. Each statue would be meticulously crafted for flawless and celestial appearance.