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St. Antony's Art Studio is your one stop destination for getting created mesmerizing statues of Christian Gods, in any scale, and for statue repainting.

Statue Creation

Statue creation is our forte. Our artists excel in creating exquisite statues of Christian Gods, Angels and Saints. You will be enamoured of the marvellous workmanship of our accomplished creative team. Each statue, of any scale, is perfectly chiselled out and the emotions are captured meticulously. The countenance and gestures of the statues are vivid. We have a no-compromising attitude towards perfection and this would be abundantly visible through the final product delivered at your doorsteps. Our studio is equipped with necessary resources and infrastructure to create impeccable statues with divine visages. We deliver all statues within the committed deadlines.

Our Service Process


We have proven expertise in repainting old statues of Christian Gods and angels that have lost their sheen owing to ageing or other reasons. Statues that are discoloured or faded in appearance are repainted by our artists to perfection. After colour retouching, the statues would be as radiant as new ones. The statues are scrutinized in our studio to assess the degree of discolouring and accordingly repainting is done for a lasting impression. The perfectly repainted statues, radiant in their newfound glory, would emit the same divine glow as their new counterparts. Perfection and meticulousness define our statue repainting efforts.

Big Statues

Our studio excels in sculpting large statues of Christian Gods with unparalleled perfection. The statues of this scale are usually placed in Churches or other public places. Our artists ensure that the chiselling and moulding works on statues of larger dimensions are carried out meticulously so as to convey a flawless impression. We have delivered umpteen numbers of large statues made of fibre glass, cement and plaster of paris. You can browse through our samples section and convince yourself of the perfect workmanship of our proficient artists. These large statues radiate the same amount of energy as their small scale counterparts.